Nino joins Spring Real Estate

Nino joins Spring Real Estate

Spring Real Estate is proud that Nino Zaki joined the organization as a full-time Real Estate Advisor. Nino gained extensive experience in recent years as a working student for the Capital Markets department. With the full-time position, Nino can serve our clients even better.

Within the Capital Markets team, Nino advises institutional investors, property developers, and developing contractors on development positions and large-scale residential investments.

Nino studied Economics & Business Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In mid-2019, Nino joined Spring Real Estate as a Sales Associate. In late 2020, he started as a real estate analyst on the Capital Markets team. He was co-responsible for creating an automated lead generation funnel, where data is converted into acquisition opportunities daily and displayed in customized client dashboards through the SpringBase, which contains information on over 890,000 real estate properties.

Nino is one of 8 top talents at Spring who started the Spring Master Program in September. These top talents have gained knowledge and experience within Spring during their student job. With this program, Spring gives them a kick-start, or a ‘Spring Start’ for their (real estate)career. In one year, they learn everything needed to start working as a full-fledged professional. We challenge them to commit themselves 100%, to fall, get up again and experiment. This aligns with our philosophy that you can only grow if you go out of your comfort zone.

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