Make optimum use of your real estate: advice on determining the ideal leasing project and a dedicated approach during the letting out process.

  • A data-driven approach based on extensive knowledge of the market
  • Solid advice on optimising your rental product for the appropriate target group
  • An in-house sale steam that is in direct contact with potential candidates
  • An experienced team of brokers that operates from three locations in the Netherlands

Developing the optimal rental product together
The Spring Real Estate Agency team is based in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. We distinguish ourselves by providing input in respect of creating the most profitable lease product for our clients. Amongst which target groups is demand the greatest and which target groups best match your risk profile? We provide detailed lease advice (supported by financial data) based on the client’s requirements, our experience, and supported by our comprehensive transaction and market database.

Finding the right tenant
Finding the right tenant is an art in all markets. It is not just about renting the property out quickly, but also about finding the right tenant. In close collaboration with our in-house media and sales team, we present your proposition to the market, both to associate brokers and potential tenants. We believe in a direct sales approach, which entails approaching as many organisations as possible to increase the chance of success.

Completely up to date with all market developments
We understand that it is highly important to be well informed about progress and market development at all times. We identify your competitors and offer advice on how to distinguish yourself. In addition, we inform you of all activities of potential candidates and liaise with you about opportunities continually.

drs. Stijn de Blaaij

Managing Partner

Wouter Westgeest RM RT

Partner Agency Den Haag

ir. Edgar Willems

Partner Agency Utrecht

ir. Rolf Vermeer

Partner Agency Utrecht

Ivar Hillerström MSc

Partner Agency Amsterdam

Bastiaan Olfers