Lease and renegotiation

The perfect office facilitates your organisation optimally, now and in the future, financially and functionally.

  • A critical view on your Programme of Requirements: what are the ideal starting points for a new lease agreement
  • A data-driven approach to provide insight into both the on and off-market that generates insights in both the on and off-market offering
  • In-house expertise in respect of legal, technical and commercial points of interest
  • An experienced team that comprises accommodation advisors and regional real estate advisors

Strategic accommodation advice
We believe in a thorough Programme of Requirements before entering the market to find the perfect accommodation for your organisation. A quick scan critically examines the required square meters or functional requirements. A full scan analyses the work processes of your organisation in detail to design the perfect office concept from the ground up on that basis.

Mapping of the real estate market
It can be quite difficult to find a suitable location. There are numerous points that need to considered, such as accessibility, subdivision possibilities, technical specifications and obviously, the rent. In addition, it is a challenge to gain an insight into all suitable properties. What is currently available, but mostly what is becoming available. We have an in-house sales team that enables us to provide you with an overview of all propositions that are available, as well as those that are yet to be released to the market.

The best transaction in all respects
The best opportunity to secure an optimal lease agreement is the point of negotiation. We take your legal, technical and commercial needs into account. Our team will help you to obtain the most competitive rental price, agree upon the appropriate service charges and draw up a tenant-friendly contract. In addition, we give you an insight into your costs after the lease has been agreed, for instance, costs associated with renovations and modifications. We carry out this process for clients seeking new office premises, as well as clients wishing to renegotiate their existing leases.

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