Acquisition of real estate

An optimal acquisition strategy facilitated by a senior Investments team and a data-driven approach.

  • A team of senior advisors with strong analytical and commercial skills
  • A data-driven approach that provides an insight into both the on and off-market offering
  • In-house database of all commercial properties in the Netherlands and reference transactions
  • In-house expertise in legal, technical and commercial points of interest

Structured acquisition process
Spring Real Estate offers various levels of support in real estate acquisitions. In addition to traditional brokerage and Spring Real Estate’s network, we have a structured, proactive and research-driven acquisition process for the purpose of generating acquisition opportunities. This process fits well with real estate markets that are under pressure, because in addition to propositions available on the market, additional acquisition opportunities are generated through off-market activity.

Data-driven advice
Data forms an integral part of the advice we offer. We update all relevant market data in the Netherlands on a daily basis in collaboration with our Sales, Research and Agency teams. The information from our Sales and Agency teams is added to our custom-made database in real time. Our analysis tools enable us to identify unique acquisition opportunities, but perhaps more importantly, to provide an insight into the future performance of your acquisitions. An objective assessment of the probability of tenants vacating and sources of new tenants are essential for the success of your investment.

Dedicated acquisitions team
Trustworthy advice is supplied by our extensive team of senior investment advisors which possess strong analytical and commercial skills. This enables them to generate and close successful transactions. Our senior investment advisors have access to an in-house Sales team and call on a flexible pool of business analysts to guarantee sufficient capacity at all times. A comprehensive commercial Due Dilligence report with underwriting of the value and/or calculation of the business case forms part of every acquisition. Additionally, Spring Real Estate can support potential acquisitions by providing a second opinion.

A. Zweering MSc MSRE MRICS

Managing Partner Spring Services Spain

drs. Robert Kat MSRE MRICS RM RT

Managing Partner Services Netherlands

ing. Bart Mittendorff

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