Sales of real estate

An optimal sales result thanks to integral expertise throughout the entire sales process.

  • A team of senior advisors with strong analytical and commercial skills
  • Experienced, transaction-driven negotiators
  • From small private sales to full-scale marketing projects that always revolve around achieving a maximum result
  • No open-ended sales processes

Customised sales process
Preparation is the key to success in every sales transaction. We inventorise and analyse all documentation in order to advise you optimally about potential buyers and the most effective sales techniques. Our team of senior advisors personally approaches candidates when the actual sales process starts. Our advisors remain involved in the whole process, from viewings through to closure of the sale.

Integration with other disciplines
The size of our office enables us to make optimal use of in-house disciplines. In the sale of single-assets or portfolios, it can be advisable to involve our marketing department to present the product to the market in a distinctive way. Our Agency team and Research team assist with the provision of up to date market data and our Legal Counsel assists with the legal aspects.

Maximum result, minimum risks
We understand that achieving the optimal result is a priority. You naturally wish to achieve the highest sales result, but as far as we are concerned, avoiding risks forms part of an optimal result. What is the risk of the buyer not proceeding or trying to reduce the price under the guise of Due Diligence? We can minimise these risks with a customised sales process.

A. Zweering MSc MSRE MRICS

Managing Partner Spring Services Spain

drs. Robert Kat MSRE MRICS RM RT

Managing Partner Services Netherlands

ing. Bart Mittendorff

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