Spring Real EState appoints Mitchell Hirschstein as partner of Spring Private Asset Management team

Spring Real EState appoints Mitchell Hirschstein as partner of Spring Private Asset Management team

Spring Real Estate has established the new department, Spring Private Asset Management. The team, consisting of Joeri Stavleu and Mitchell Hirschstein, aims to provide comprehensive support to private investors and (small) funds in building and managing their real estate portfolios.

They operate from a tailor-made (financial) plan, using the goals and possibilities of the client as a starting point. This approach results in a specific purchase and investment strategy, working towards the set objectives with a minimal risk profile. The asset management encompasses all aspects of portfolio management, allowing clients to focus on their daily activities.

Mitchell Hirschstein – Partner

Mitchell earned his degree in Management, Economics, and Law from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2012. To expand his expertise, he later completed a post-HBO program in business lending while working as an interim professional in business banking.

In 2021, he obtained his Master’s in Real Estate from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. His thesis focused on the private real estate investor in relation to the Modern Portfolio Theory.

Between 2014 and 2022, Mitchell advised private investors at ING, the last 6 years as a relationship manager. In this role, he served as the primary contact for investors, gaining in-depth insight into their wishes and needs. This led him to embark on his own path in early 2022.

Through the Vastgoed Atelier, he provided financial advice to private investors, supporting them in all aspects of real estate investments. During this period, the initial collaboration with Spring emerged, proving so successful that they decided to join forces from January 1, enabling them to better serve their clients amid unique market conditions.

Joeri Stavleu – Partner

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Leiden University, Joeri earned his master’s in Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Since May 2019, Joeri has been active at Spring Real Estate, becoming a permanent employee in 2020.

From February 1, 2020, Joeri joined the MidCap Investments team at Spring Real Estate, where he was involved in buying and selling transactions of investments for three years. On January 1, 2023, Joeri became a partner in the new business unit Sports & Entertainment. In this role, he advises affluent professionals from the sports, entertainment, and media industries.

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